You’ll Never Walk Alone Fund

The SDSC You’ll Never Walk Alone 5k was founded to raise money for families facing tragic events.

Since its inception in 2013, YNWA 5K has provided over $20,000 to families coping with unbearable situations.

The 5k is an important element of our club. We are a competitive organization that strives to produce top-level players in San Diego County, but we are unique because of events like this 5k, which brings us together and lets our families know that they will never walk alone. Our goal is to use the funds raised through this annual event to provide community support and be a shining light in dark hours.

Christmas for a grieving family

We began this journey in 2013, when the father and primary breadwinner of one of our club families lost his life in a car accident on one of San Diego’s freeways. The money raised in that first 5k allowed us to write a check for $1500 to the family right before the holidays, giving them practical support in their time of need.

Saving a family’s home

In 2014, one of our club’s coaches was going through a trying time. His wife had been injured in a workplace accident, and the disability checks she received did not cover the couple’s monthly bills or mounting medical expenses. As they faced the prospect of foreclosure, we were able to make a $1500 donation from funds raised by the second 5k to help save their home and steady the ship in a difficult period of their lives.

A young soccer player’s legacy

While vacationing in Mexico in 2015, 12-year-old club member Karina Fares lost her life in a tragic accident on a soccer field. The 2015 5k was dedicated to Karina’s memory, and $1500 of the proceeds were donated to the Karina’s Joy Foundation, which was created by her family to honor her life by providing scholarships for kids from San Diego County to attend youth camps.


A few weeks after the 2016 5K, 24-year-old coach Andy Bolin was involved in a skateboarding accident and suffered serious trauma to the brain. With fund raised that year, the YNWA Fund was able to immediately step in with a donation towards Andy’s medical expenses and rehab. Andy is now back on the field doing what he loves, coaching young players.